The Seed – 亞洲種子第一、二期成果展及分享會
The Seed – Exhibition and Sharing Session of Asia Seed Cycle 1 and 2

清山塾 Casphalt

2017.8.18 – 2017.9.17


展覽一共分為兩個部份,一部份將展出由越南藝家Nguyn Trinh Thi及香港藝術家梁御東協同指導的錄像創作。學生以個人的微史觀出發,用影像刻寫家庭丶社區與校園的人和事。另一部份展出日本藝術家下道基行丶香港藝術家鄧國騫給予本地學生的觀察練習。在香港駐留期間,下道基行透過介紹「考現學」以及「路上觀察學」作為引旨,講解了「見立て」這個為路上有趣現象命名的創意思考。邀請學生找出感興趣的香港城市現象,用手機攝影紀錄,並且為此現象命名。鄧國騫則設計了一個與陌生個體共處的情景,邀請學生在快餐店與陌生人搭枱,用智能手機的即時通訊應用程式的錄音功能,描述同桌食客的種種「非」表面特徵。

Exhibition and sharing session of Asia Seed –Cycle 1 and 2, showcasing 36 students work. 

Exhibition has two parts, one part will showcase the students’ video work instructed by Vietnamese artist and Hong Kong artist Leung Yu-tung Ocean. Started from the micro-history point of view, the student take the moving images to depict the people and happening of family, community and campus. For the other part, there will showcase the student observation exercises from the workshop by Japanese artist Motoyuki Shitamichi and Hong Kong artist Tang Kwok-hin. During the artist-in-residence, Motoyuki Shitamichi introduced the concept of “modernology” and “Roadside Observation”, and from these to explain a Japanese concept “見立て” as a way of creative thinking and naming practice for the street phenomenon. He invited students to find out those phenomena which draw their interest from Hong Kong cityscape, then took picture with cellphone, and name such discovered phenomenon. On the other hand, artist Tang Kwok-hin designed a situation for co-habiting with stranger, he invited students to share the table with random individuals in fast food store, using social communicating App in smartphone for voice recording, and asked them to describe the under-surface characteristic of this diner.