website newRooftop Institute (RT) originated from the idea of the “rooftop” as a traditional space of communal learning in Hong Kong; its mission is to develop a series of imaginings and practices enacted towards the concepts of space, community, learning and exchange.

Our program is intended to develop artist-in-residence schemes. We invite Asian and local artists to conduct artistic research and discussions on contemporary social and cultural issues; for instance, to touch upon topics like colony, borders, migration, foreign workers and mixed marriage.

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Rooftop Institute (RT)  是一個由「天台」引發的一連串對於空間、社群、學習與交流的想像與實踐。組織將以藝術家駐留計劃為發展基礎,邀請亞洲及本地藝術家就亞洲國際之間的社會文化議題,例如: 殖民地、邊境、移民、外勞、異國婚姻等進行創作研究以及討論。


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