Project Manager

Established in 2016, Rooftop Institute is a non-profit making and artist-run art organization. Its mission to act as a cultural interface in connecting Hong Kong with Asia through art education, in order to cultivate an interest in art among the next generation by showing them a wider horizon of the Asian art field and societies to date.

We are now recruiting Project Manager (full-time) to support our upcoming project “Hok Hok Zaap (HHZ) : 15 initiatives of Engaged Learning in Art”, which is a 2 years project support by Home Affairs Bureau Art Capacity Development Funding Scheme – Hok Hok Zaap (HHZ) (In Cantonese:學學習) learn how to learn, is a long-term collaboratory project for creative pedagogy. It brings 15 Hong Kong artists and groups to form the HHZ Collective in order to propose a series of teaching plans for engaged learning of art in a community setting.

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